Why Your Business Needs a Website?

Posted by: Stephen | Published: November, 4 2014

Whether you are just starting up a new business or have been in operation for many years, you will have at one point debated whether or not to bring the business online and invest in a website. Many people may feel that their business can cope without the need for a website, and while that might be true in the short term, in the long term it is setting the business up to be left behind in the long term.

It does not matter whether your business is already a success or that you are confident that your product or service is the best available; without a website your online savvy competitors will always have an advantage over you via simply having a web presence.

Attracting more Customers

Websites are an effective way to attract more customers to your business and will allow your business to remain open for information 24/7. Ecommerce is able to offer saleable services purchased online 24/7, instil confidence in your customers and will give your company’s brand access to wider reaching audience among the 2 billion internet users worldwide.

Do I Need a Website Even If My Product Cannot Be Sold Online?

There are many businesses that for one reason or another will not be able to sell their products or services online, yet that does not mean that there is no point in having a website.

This presence of a website is a clear window looking into your businesses activities. CSR, PR, services, employees, team structures, mission statements and more will give your potential customers and investors the ability to have a good look at your company and what you have to offer them.

Not Just Any Old Website Will Do

With all of that being said, it is also not enough to simply have a website. If you are aiming to be taken seriously, your website should be done as professionally as possible and really mirror the image of your company.

Most shoppers in the modern world will always research a product or service online before they make a purchase decision, even if it is not available to be purchased online. They will check your website, read reviews and get as much feedback about the product or service as possible before making a decision on buying. This is essential to the buyer decision making process.

As a result your website is your chance at making a positive first impression on your target audiences. That first impression is extremely important as the difference between a good website and a bad websites will almost certainly reflect on your sales figures and most importantly brand liking and loyalty.

Compete with the Big Boys

The internet is great at levelling the playing field. A well designed site with great content and an excellent linking strategy gives small businesses the chance to compete with the larger ones.

A well-made, professional looking website that is easy to navigate can make your small business look much larger than it actually is. On the flip side, there are many examples of large businesses that have some very poor websites that have been designed badly, look cheap, dated and difficult to navigate which is obviously bad news for them but good news for you.

Bangkok Web Design

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